Types of Fish from Mauritius - Lion FishTypes of Fish from Mauritius

There are far to many types of fish from Mauritius to list.  When you are out diving or snorkeling in the Indian Ocean you will be sure to see plenty of colourful fish of all sizes. This is what makes visiting Mauritius such a great experience. Big game fishing is also a popular past time and if out fishing you may catch Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Dorado, Giant Trevally and Sharks, including Tiger, Blue or Mako sharks.

Fish commonly seen when diving or snorkeling can include:

Types of Fish from Mauritius - Moorish IdolClown Fish
Banner Fish
Moorish Idols
Lion Fish
Blue Stripe Snapper
Big Eyed Yellow Snapper
Ruby Snapper
Yellowstripe Goatfish
Butterfly Fish
Types of Fish from Mauritius -Clown FishAngelfish
Mandarin Fish
Palette Sturgeon Fish
Striped Large-eye Bream
Yellow-edged lyretail
Sergeant Major Fish
Honeycomb Grouper
Peacock Grouper
Spangled Emperor
Thumbprint Emperor
Types of Fish from Mauritius - Mandarin FishBluespine Unicorn Fish
Squirrel Fish
Blue and Yellow Fusilier
Trigger Fish

Of course this is just a brief list, and the further out you go, the more you will see bigger fish, such as Tuna, Barracuda, as well as Rays, Octopus and Turtles.

There are plenty of dive sites in Mauritius and most resorts will have a dive centre either on site or nearby.

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