Tipping in Mauritius

Tipping in Mauritius

Tipping in Mauritius can be quite a quandary for us British, as it is not something we are certain about and so we feel uneasy about getting it wrong. In Mauritius government tax is added to all hotel and restaurant bills and this is included in the basic price. Tipping in Mauritius is discretionary and not expected. However, some extra money paid for services, such as a taxi ride, waiter service or cleaning is appreciated given the lower wages paid to workers. It is a kind token to help the staff at hotels to get some extra money. All incidental hotel expenses will incur a 12 percent tax, which is generally included in the price quoted.  In the hotel travellers can add around 5% to their incidental expenses when paying the bill on departure, if service has been good.

In a restaurant take a look at the menu footer before you order, and see if the prices are quoted inclusive or exclusive of VAT. Some restaurants in Mauritius include the VAT and some don’t. This is best way of avoiding a surprise at the end of the meal. VAT on restaurant services in Mauritius is 15% of the total. Tipping in restaurants occurs mainly in the tourist spots, as the patrons usually come from a country with a tipping culture. Generally for good service, you should tip between 10% and 15%, which is usually standard for top end restaurants.

Tipping in Mauritius at reception

Many hotels will leave a tipping box in reception or the Main Restaurant, this ensures those behind the scenes, who help your holiday run smoothly are also rewarded for their work. Give out personal tips to the workers who you feel have made your holiday perfect.

You can tip in many different ways.  Some guests like to tip on a weekly basis, some everyday, some prefer to wait until the end of the holiday.  Each has its merits and will not affect the service you get.  However, do take into account that your final day may overlap with time off for some of the staff you were hoping to tip, or you may have to check out  before they start work.

Always tip in Mauritian Rupees, this is much preferred by the locals. If you are a guest at a spa, you should tip between 5% – 10% of the total bill if no service charge is included. In Mauritius, tour guides should receive a tip that is at least 10% of the total cost of the tour.  You should tip drivers half the amount that you tip the guide. In Mauritius, taxi fares are usually negotiated in advance.  If the driver has been particularly informative or helpful, a tip of 100 – 200 rupees will show your appreciation. For porters and bell boys who help carry your luggage, you should tip them a few rupees.

Now you’re confident about tipping, contact us today to book your holiday to Mauritius

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