Rum in Mauritius

Rum in Mauritius

There is plenty of choice when it comes to rum in Mauritius. Mauritius is one of only a few countries to produce both industrial and agricultural rum. The agricultural rum is of a very high quality and known for its aroma and flavour.  Sugar cane was introduced from Java to Mauritius under the Dutch (1598-1710). It was Pierre Charles Francois Harel who proposed the idea of distilling rum locally in Mauritius, in 1850. There are now only has 5 sugar mills left that supply sugarcane juice and molasses for the production of rum in Mauritius. Mauritius is now home to 6 distillers, theoldest distillery dating back to 1926.

Rum in Mauritius

The Rhumerie de Chamarel Distillery gives guided tours to you behind the scenes providing a detailed explanation of the rum making process.  You will discover the exclusive Rum making process where all the sugar cane plants are carefully selected and grown here. When mature, the sugarcane plants are carefully hand picked and quickly transported in order to obtain the purest juice extracts. Their unique fermentation techniques ensure the finest aromas and enhance their specific flavours.

Flavoured Rum in Mauritius

Many hotels in Mauritius will add extra flavour to their rums, expect flavours such as, pineapple, banana, vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon even chilli, all add a different dimension to the taste.

Notable Brands of Rum in Mauritius are:-

Gray’s & Co. 
7 Seas Gold
7 Seas Light
Big Jack
De Luxe Gold
De Luxe Light
De Luxe Prestige
L’Amite Gold
L’Amite Light
New Grove
Old Mill
Rhum de L’Isle de France

International Distillers
Green Island
White Diamond

Medine Sugar / United Spirits 
Pink Pigeon
Blue Bay B.
Mon Plaisir

Bougainville Citronelle
Bougainville Light
Bougainville Vanille
Bougainville Vieux Domaine
Fregate Dark
Fregate Light

St Aubin – Mauritius

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