Renewal of Vows in Mauritius

Renewal of Vows in Mauritius

Couples choose a Renewal of Vows ceremony in Mauritius for all sorts of reasons. Maybe their wedding was in a registry office and wasn’t quite what they wanted, or they never managed to get away for a honeymoon and this makes a standard holiday extra special, maybe they were married in Mauritius originally, maybe they just want to reaffirm their love for each other, maybe it’s a special anniversary and this is the ideal way to celebrate.

Renewal of Vows in Mauritius - couple in the sea


Maybe the original wedding was not as glamorous as they hoped, possibly for financial reasons and now they are more settled, it seems the right time. Renewing your marriage vows can be appropriate for couples at any stage of their marriage. Whatever the reason, Mauritius is the perfect destination for this.

Renewal of Vows in Mauritius - beach bouqet

At Mainly Mauritius we can help you find a romantic resort that will be ideal for you to hold your renewal of vows ceremony. We can co-ordinate with the hotel and their wedding planer, to make sure everything is perfect for you, check what is included in the ceremony package and what are optional extras.

Renewal of Vows in Mauritius - beach location

We can help find the best place for the ceremony, whether it’s on the beach, in a beautiful garden, under a shaded pavilion. Taking your renewal of vows in Mauritius will make your second special day just as special and romantic as the first. Whether you opt for a classic ceremony with a Mauritian registrar, or a ceremony of vows tailored by you.

Renewal of Vows in Mauritius - sunset

Most hotels in Mauritius will offer a renewal of vows ceremony.  This can be conducted week days Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. Unfortunately, at this stage, we cannot organise same sex weddings or renewal of vows in Mauritius.

If you would like more information about renewal of vows in Mauritius then please contact us today


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