Religion in Mauritius

Religion in Mauritius

There are several religions in Mauritius. Mauritian culture is based on the diversity of the population, that is why there is no official religion in Mauritius. Hindus, Tamils, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and others live in harmony and respect the free practice of all religions in Mauritius. The ancestral melting pot that is Mauritius allows different faiths to cohabit in mutual respect. Mauritius is an island of temples, churches and mosques. Religion plays an important role in the daily life of a Mauritian.

Religion in Mauritius for population :

  • Hinduism 48%
  • Roman Catholic 26%
  • Islam 17%
  • Christian faiths 6%
  • Buddhists and others 3%

Religion in Mauritius - Hindu Temple


The most practiced religion in Mauritius is Hinduism, practiced by the Indian and Tamil communities, almost 50% of the population. You can find more than 20 churches on the island and a cathedral in Port Louis.

Religion in Mauritius - Mosque

Around 20% of the Mauritian population is Muslim, most of them are of Indian descent. Buddhism is the fourth religion in Mauritius, but with only 1% of the population practicing Buddhism, its impact on Mauritian culture and society is not very great.

You will find signs of religion in Mauritius just about everywhere. Alongside roads you’ll see small shrines dedicated to the Virgin Mary with flower offerings, others are dedicated to beloved Hindu gods. Then there are colourful Hindu temples, a sacred lake, peaceful mosques, delightful churches and exotic pagodas.

Religion in Mauritius - Chinese New Year

There are 3 spectacular annual religious ceremonies. The Tamil festival Cavadi is a rite of passage involving fire walking, although many of the participants nowadays are not Tamils. The Catholic Père Laval pilgrimage is exclusively Christian and the Maha Shivaratri is exclusively Hindu. All major rituals and festivals of the largest religious traditions, including the Chinese New Year, are celebrated in Mauritius. Mauritians work and play together, celebrating each other’s religious ceremonies throughout the year.

Mauritius really is a diverse country and the way the people share and respect each others religion is a leading light in the world.

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