Poems about Mauritius

Poems about Mauritius

You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first, and then heaven and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.  “Mark Twain”

Mauritius has inspired others to write poetry about the beauty of the island.

Motherland of mine…
A piece of paradise created by the almighty…
Gifted by nature with picturesque scenery…
From Mountains, valleys to turquoise lagoons…
Given away to man as a memento of god’s goodness..
But is it the Eden what we’ve known…
Is it still the place that we claim to be our Home…
Yet hope still remain…
It is now to act together…
To bring down communal-ism and plant Mauritianism in our heart…
Then again, we will say proudly…
Motherland of mine…

By Keshav Kumar Phokeerdass.


I place on your pillow
my solitude
for you to enter
divine your voice
like water
to rush into my mouth
irrigate all the crimson fields
beneath my tongue
I see under the door
your dreams
making shadows
in the empty harmony of sleep
there was no resistance
nothing ever said
I remember only later
the blue sand clinging
to our bodies
like small islands
that the sky came for
in the morning

By For Matilde

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