Pieter Both Mountain

Pieter Both Mountain

Pieter Both Mountain is the second highest mountain of Mauritius, standing at 820 metres tall. The mountain gets its name from Pieter Both, the first Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies, who was drowned in a shipwreck off Mauritius. Pieter both Mountain is very distinctive and can be spotted easily from several miles away due to a large rock perched precariously at the very top. It is a favourite for photographers, who stop at the bottom to take photo’s from all angles.

Pieter Both Mountain top

It is possible to climb to the neck of Pieter Both Mountain, just below the summit, without climbing equipment, but be aware that it is not an easy climb, can be physically demanding and you can feel a little bit unsafe at times. It is a climb for the more experienced, those looking for a hard and off-the-beaten track hike. The approach to the mountain is dense undergrowth (especially in the first 50 metres), mud and then some wet slippery rocks. It is best not to go if it has rained or looks like it may rain.

Pieter Both Mountain Climber

The views off Mauritius from the top are quite amazing and worth the climb. There are many guiding services offering the trip up.  It is not recommended to try and attempt climbing the head of Pieter Both as it is a rock formation which has become unstable over time. Also all the iron rungs on which you hold yourself to climb have all rusted. Reaching the summit is no longer possible without climbing gear.

If you fancy doing the climb, try a professional company such as Vertical World Ltd who will equip you with helmets, harnesses and ropes. They have done the climb many times and will be able to give you the advice you need.

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