National Day In Mauritius

National Day In Mauritius

National Day in Mauritius is March 12th, this is a national holiday is celebrated every year by the whole island, to remember the gaining of independence from Britain in 1968 and the establishment of the Republic of Mauritius with in the commonwealth in 1992. The Mauritians take great pride in their National Day. Special events, parades, festivals and other civic activities are held in the waterfront district of Port Louis, as well as at many other prominent site around the island.  National Day in Mauritius is also known as Independence Day.

National Day in Mauritius does have a formal nature, the locals are known to celebrate this important Public Holiday with their family and neighbours, sometimes even inviting unsuspecting visitors to join in the festivities with them. In fact, all ethnicity are welcome to represent their own cultural heritage and develop their own character within the national framework which highlights the harmonious diversity on Mauritius.

To mark the National Day in Mauritius the Mauritian flag is raised at the Champs-de-Mars in Port Louis, which is the island’s capital. The colourful flag is displayed in every building, from homes to schools to Government offices and paraded on the streets. The flag itself has 4 stripes, red, blue, yellow and green, which all represent various aspects of Mauritius:

The red strip symbolises the beautiful flame trees which are in full bloom between October and December. This tree is also known as the “Bouquet Banaé” which means New Year Bouquet.

The blue strip in the flag represents the island’s location in the Indian Ocean, which comes with the added benefit of providing the perfect climate for all visitors.

The yellow stands for the light of independence shining over the island and as the sun is a constant feature, the flag depicts rays which are also intended to highlight the picturesque beauty of the island.

The green colour in the flag represents the island’s lush tropical vegetation, often depicted by the bright green sugarcane fields which can be seen on many a Mauritius postcard.

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