My Walk With Lions At Casela

My Walk with lions at Casela

My walk with lions at Casela Wildlife and Nature Park really was the highlight of my holiday in Mauritius. I love cats, even wild ones that can eat you. I had worries about lions being drugged beforehand to make them docile and am very against this. I could not recommend an experience where this happened and as an expert in everything Mauritius it was something I felt I needed to check out for myself. If you are interested in taking a walk with lions at Casela you will need to pre-book, as spaces are limited.

Walk with Lions at Casela

On arrival we were taken to a hut for our briefing. There was a group of 12 of us brave souls. We were given very strict instructions on what we could and couldn’t do. For example, don’t approach the lions when we’re feeding them, stay in the group and don’t wander off by yourself, don’t shout at them, don’t walk in front of them, don’t hide (apparently they like playing hide and seek) We than had to sign a disclaimer. No bags to be taken on the walk, as the handlers had food in their bags and you don’t want any lions trying to get in yours, thinking there’s a snack in there. Cameras however were allowed,a s the lions are used to them.

Walking with lions

Next we entered the enclosure were the walk would take place, had a group photo and then we waited with anticipation, and a little nervousness as 2 lionesses walked our way. They are such beautiful animals, they stood with there handlers and didn’t seem that interested in us, thankfully. So we set off on our walk with lions at Casela. The handlers were really good, and the lions were used to people. They walked ahead of us, scratching trees, stretching themselves out, sharpening their claws, climbing trees. They were very alert and I was happy they had not been drugged beforehand. We followed and one of the handlers called us up one at a time to walk next to them, and give them a stroke.  Amazing, incredible and it just got better from there on. One of the lions stopped and climbed on to a broken tree and we were invited to come up and stroke her, whilst the guides took photo’s. Further on there was another opportunity as one of them laid down on the ground to relax. We walked them back, waiting whilst they took a drink from a stream. We even held their tails whilst we walked, until one was fed up with this and just flicked it away.

We waved goodbye to the handler and the lionesses at the end of the hour, which seemed to just fly by. So having done the walk with lions at Casela, I can say that I feel confident to recommend this to others. The lions are well looked after, well fed (so they don’t see you as a snack) and not drugged. My walk with lions at Casela was incredible and left me on a really high.

Fancy doing your own walk with lions at Casela, then contact us today to book your dream holiday to Mauritius.

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