Island Life in Mauritius

Island Life in Mauritius

What is Island Life in Mauritius like?  Mauritian people are warm, open and welcoming. They live in harmony despite their differences, wherever you go on the island, you will encounter a smile, a hello or a nice word. This openness with each other and to the people who visit their island is part of what makes Mauritius a special place.

Island life in Mauritius

Mauritius was a very strategic location during the 18th and 19th centuries, ideally situated in the Indian Ocean. It was first colonised by the Dutch, then  the French and then by the English.  Mauritian society is very diverse, consists of several cultures. Mauritius retains the mark of these colonisation periods which can be seen in its towns, architecture, language and music.

sega dance - Island Life in Mauritius

The Sega, traditional music of the island, is from the time of slavery, it’s a glorious spectacle of rhythm and music that is unique to Mauritius.

Mauritius is now officially classed as a middle income country, it ranks 67th globally, 40th among developing countries and 2nd in Africa. At the end of 2007, the population of Mauritius stood at 1,264,866, with an estimated 21,000 immigrants. The island’s strongest appeal lies in its near perfect climate, its wonderful friendly people, the great food, the low crime rate and its political and social stability. However the cost of living on the island is considerably high.

Island Life in Mauritius - driving

Travel around the island is slower than we are used to in the UK,  but this is in keeping with the relaxed nature of the island. Mauritian roads range from smooth to pot hole ridden and driving can be a bit dicey around the island, as speed limits are often ignored and there are lots of pedestrians.

Island Life in Mauritius - school children

Mauritius has world class private schools and the quality of life in terms of safety and outdoor activities is also good for children and in many cases less restrictive than in other countries. There is a slower pace of life in Mauritius, so don’t expect quick service at the banks or shops, learn to relax and be patient. The Marketplace is where all the locals come together, Hindu, Muslim and Christian.

Welcome to the true rainbow nation. Contact us today to book your holiday and discover Island life in Mauritius



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