How Not To Offend In Mauritius

How Not To Offend In Mauritius

There is a different culture and way of life over here, so find out below how not to offend in Mauritius:

Shopping:- The customer is never right. The shop keeper is there to sell you goods and they feel you are imposing on them if you ask to look at several items before making a decision. Even worse is if you ask to look at something and the price and then walk away without buying. In a shop there is no such thing as customer service. Remember shop keepers act this way with everyone, even the locals.

Avoid excessive bargaining as it is not appreciated in Mauritius.

It’s polite for you to accept any food and drink that is offered to you.

Remove your shoes and leather belts and cover up when visiting any places of worship.

Ladies need to cover their shoulders and their legs to below knees when visiting any places of worship.

Women can dress as they wish, but generally it is more polite to cover up and dress modestly in public places.

Going topless on the beach is not acceptable, even at your hotel.

Mauritians are social and it is appreciated if you greet them politely. Bonjour and Namaste are the greetings that Mauritians use.

Do not offend the locals by saying anything insulting about their culture, their food, or region.

Mauritians can get offended when Mauritius is referred to as a tax haven.

Mauritians in general expect to be treated with respect, in the same way they are treating you. It is easy to offend by being pretentious, conceited, loud or chauvinistic.

However Mauritius is a diverse multicultural country and as such Mauritians are tolerant and  used to tourists, so your faux pas is unlikely to offend them greatly.

Now you know how not to offend in Mauritius, contact us to book your dream holiday.


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