Holiday in Mauritius – Day 9

Holiday in Mauritius –  Day 9

Today is the most exciting day of the holiday of our holiday in Mauritius for Mary and I, as we have booked to go walking with lions at Casela Nature and Leisure Park. This is an experience I have looked forward to, but I will also be able to find out first hand if I am comfortable recommending this to clients, as I want to make sure the lions are looked after and not drugged (as some sites have suggested).

Lions together - holiday in Mauritius

There were 12 of us altogether doing the walk, we had a safety talk and it was very clear that the lions were in charge, we were to walk behind them, and walk where they wanted to go. No crouching down, no hiding behind others, no attracting attention to yourselves.  We could take our cameras, but nothing else. We were then introduced to 2 lionesses who walked out, looking extremely magnificent. The 2 we were with were between 2 and 3 years old. They had very bright eyes and walked along the path ahead of us. We were allowed to walk next to them and stroke them, you could feel their strength. They truly were beautiful lions. They climbed trees and played with each other.

Lion in tree

We stopped and one of the lions climbed a tree and made herself comfortable, we then took turns in stroking her and having our photos taken. After walking with them some more there was another photo opportunity, then before we knew it the walk was over and we were saying goodbye to the lions and their handlers. It really was an incredible experience. The lions are part of a breeding programme, or else they have been rescued. They are well looked after and there is obviously a mutual respect between them and their handlers. I would recommend this to anyone, it was an amazing experience, definitely the highlight of my holiday in Mauritius.

blue bird - holiday in Mauritius, day 9

After this we went to the safari park to see the giraffes from the viewing platform and other animals, we also walked through the aviary taking pictures of some of the very colourful birds. We had lunch at the restaurant their, the food was excellent and the prices very reasonable.  There were a lot of police around and security with their earpieces and we were pointed out the prime minster of Mauritius, who was there with visitors.

Casela Avalanche Mine

To finish off the day we had a ride on the avalanche mine, which sends you flying in the air on a large inflatable ring, landing on a large airbag. Exhilarating.

Contact us today to book your holiday in Mauritius and your chance to walk with lions.

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