Holiday in Mauritius – Day 5

Holiday in Mauritius – Day 5

Catamaran trip - on holiday in Mauritius

Today it is day 5 of our holiday in Mauritius and we are doing a Catamaran trip. It starts at 10.00am and we climb aboard. The captain gives us some instructions and we head out to our first point for some snorkeling. The water is very pleasant and there are quite a few fish around, mostly Sergeant Majors and Tangs, as well as some beautiful anemones. The current is quite strong here, but not overly so.

holiday in Mauritius - Mangroves

After the snorkeling we climb back on board the catamaran and set of to our next stop which is in the Mangroves. Here the catamaran pulls to a stop and we jump back in to the water for some more snorkeling time. The fish here are found at the edge of the mangrove, where the roots are, and we see plenty of colourful fish. After our time snorkeling we swim back to the catamaran for a BBQ lunch. The food has actually been barbecued on board the catamaran, and we eat a delicious lunch of chicken, fish and sausages all served with a selection of salads and washed down with cocktails and glasses of rum and coke.

View from Bernache Island

When we have all finished lunch the catamaran then heads off to a small island called Bernache, to give us a chance to sun bathe or go for a swim, or more snorkeling. Finally we all climb back on board and head back to the hotel. The tide is out and so we moor up and a speedboat from the hotel comes out to collect us and bring us back. It has been a great day trip, really enjoyable, all the crew were lovely to us and looked after everyone really well. All thats needed is another cocktail to finish off.

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