Holiday in Mauritius -Day 3

Holiday in Mauritius – Day 3

enjoying the view on Holiday in Mauritius

It’s day 3 of our holiday in Mauritius and we have an appointment this morning to have a tour of the hotel. It’s all part of us getting to know and understand more about Mauritius.

Veranda Paul and Virginie Hotel

We are shown the different types of rooms and available and shown all the facilities.  After the tour we settle down by the pool for some relaxation before lunch. One of our group has gone diving and we will catch up with him later.

visiting Grand Baie harbour on holiday in Mauritius

The rest of us decide to head to Grand Baie, just to have a look around and get a feel for the place. We caught the local bus from outside the hotel, for just 31 Rupees per person. (60p) The trip was about 40 minutes. Grand Baie is one of the biggest towns in Mauritius and is very popular with tourists.

shopping on holiday in Mauritius

It has a mixture of posh designer shops, small boutique shops and a market, so there is shopping there for everyone. There is a long beach and a harbour, we sat for a while at a local bar, sipping beer and cocktails and watching the world drift by.  After a couple of hours in Grand Baie we caught the bus back to meet up with our friend and find out about the diving.


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