Holiday in Mauritius –  Day 10

holiday in Mauritius, day 10

Todays blog on day 10 of our holiday in Mauritius is going to be short, as it has been a very lazy day, relaxing by the pool, just sipping a few cocktails and generally doing very little.

Work in the afternoon consisted of filming a short video clip, explaining that we are here in Mauritius, but also that we are working, looking at a range of different hotels and sampling the activities and attractions, so we can make personal recommendations and give advice from the first hand knowledge we have gained. Filming took a little while longer than expected, I kept fluffing my words (might have something to do with the cocktails) but it was done in the end.

Holiday in Mauritius - Indian buffet

It was Indian night at dinner this evening, a choice of delicious curries, followed by dancing. A nice way to end a very relaxed day.

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