Grand Baie Mauritius

Grand Baie Mauritius

Grand Baie Mauritius (Grand Bay) is a coastal village located in Rivière du Rempart District, the western part also lies in the Pamplemousses District. In the 17th century the Dutch used to call Grand Baie ‘De Bogt Zonder Eynt’, which meant the ‘Bay Without End’. Today, the resort town of Grand Baie Mauritius is the most popular holiday destination on the island. The drive from here to Port Louis is about 30 minutes, while the drive to the airport is about 1 hour and 30 minutes. All of the guide books on Mauritius recommend a trip to Grand Baie and rightly so.

Grand Baie Mauritius is popular due to the wonderful quality of the emerald waters and to its liveliness, both by day and by night. When visiting you are sure to find plenty to do. It offers facilities for safe swimming, sailing, wind-surfing, and water-skiing. It is also the departure point for deep-sea fishing trips and for boat excursions for islands to the north of Mauritius: Gunners’ Quoin, Flat Island, Round Island, and Serpent Island.  The Grand Baie region is great place to discover the breath-taking underwater life of Mauritius, book a trip on one of the Underwater Adventures such as the Underwater Sea Walk, Submarine excursion or the Underwater Scooter.

Harbour at Grand Baie Mauritius

The 2 most popular beaches in Grand Baie Mauritius are the public beach of La Cuvette, which is very close to the centre of town. The beach is quite small and the water is very calm. The beach is clear of rocks and corals. The Grand Baie public beach is situated at the very centre of Grand Baie and is impossible to miss. This is due to the active boat and catamaran traffic inside the bay. The public beach has only a small area in which you are able to enter the water. Along the side of the beach you’ll find stalls selling fresh juice and fast food.

Grand Baie Mauritius Casino

Grand Baie Mauritius is also known for its nightlife. Here you will find most of the island best bars and nightclubs, including Banana Café, Zanzibar, Les Enfants Terribles and the famous Buddha Bar. The nightclubs are the place to be, where parties start to get going at around midnight and last till the early morning hours. There is also a casino for those who like to take a chance.

Bazaar at Grand Baie Mauritius

As well as a main shopping centre in Grand Baie Mauritius you’ll find traditional local shops, designer brand shops, specialist cashmere shops and a market. There are bars down by the sunset Boulevard area, so you can sip a few drinks and watch the boats come in and out.

The bus service in Mauritius is very good and easy to use. For an authentic experience take a bus rather than a taxi.

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