My Experience of Diving in Mauritius

My Experience Diving in Mauritius

I visited Mauritius for 2 weeks at the beginning of May 2016. It is the beginning of the winter season and the weather was around 28C, and we had a couple of cloudy days and some short rain showers. The weather was kind to us whilst out and below is an account of my experience diving Mauritius.

Diving in Mauritius -Moray eel

I am a serious and experienced diver and underwater photographer, so my review is based on this. Whilst diving in Mauritius expect to see lots of marine life and small fish and critters, especially Moray Eels of all sizes and types, but don’t expect to find a coral reef and a large range of big coral gardens. In Mauritius it is mostly low coral banks in the in shore lagoons, ranging down to 30 metres, though mostly in the range of 14 to 24 metres.

The underwater life is very diverse but the first thing that strikes the eye is the fish life.  Offshore there are some very impressive areas that are mostly lava flows which you can understand are sparsely decorated with individual coral growths.  Large Gorgonians and small areas of soft coral can be found dotted around, but overall the impression is large expanses of bare rock.  However the marine life is still quite profuse with lots of tropical marine fish and other small critters in abundance.

Give diving in Mauritius a go, you won’t be disappointed.

David Johnson.

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