Eating out in Mauritius

Eating Out in Mauritius

Eating out in Mauritius can be expensive, particularly in hotels, as the majority of goods are imported. However venture outside your hotel and the dining possibilities are varied, consisting of hundreds of restaurants all around Mauritius offering a selection of local cuisines, Mauritian and  Creole as well as other international cuisines such as Italian, Chinese, French, Japanese and many more.  You can eat local Mauritian food on the street for less than £1.00, or eat in one of the top class restaurants offering gourmet lunches and dinner for over £100.

All in all the average quality of food served in restaurants when eating out in Mauritius is good, the food is tasty and full of rich of flavours, and in most cases the service is friendly and welcoming. You should consider that in some cases the service is slower than you are used to at home and you may need some effort to attract the attention of the waiter. Also the hygiene is not always what it should be in many of the cheaper restaurants and in most of the street stalls and you must take care. Look for somewhere that is clean and popular (usually a good sign of fresh food), and use your common sense.

For most Mauritians, their daily practice is to eat during the daytime from the street stalls or in small local restaurants. This is a great way for the you to discover the local traditional food, enjoying the tastes of Mauritius at a very low cost. Expect to pay anything from 10 Rupees (0.20p) to 50 Rupees (£1.00) for a full meal.

The number of the fast food restaurants has increased dramatically over the last few years, and it is possible to find many fast food places such as, McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, next to the local fast food brands.  Another alternative to eat out at the Chinese restaurants. These can be found in all the tourist’s areas and also in the city centres. You can find delicious Chinese and Creole food and also alcoholic drinks at much lower prices in comparison to other restaurants. Expect to pay about 250 Rupees (£5.00) up to 500 Rupees (£10.00) per person for a full meal.

There are also plenty of mid range restaurants to chose from when eating out in Mauritius. In most cases, these started as restaurants for local people but the superior quality of the food and the great service made them stand out and establish themselves with the tourists as well. Here expect to pay around 500 Rupees (£10.00) and 800 Rupees (£16.00) per person for a full meal.

The most expensive way to go eating out in Mauritius are at the hotels restaurants. The hotels offer a wide range of top class restaurants with top class chefs from all over the world. The choice of where to eat is large indeed. Many of the hotels put on entertainment during dinner, such as Sega show, band or piano music. At hotels you can pay anything from £25.00 up to £200 for a full lunch or dinner.

I hope this helps you to decide whether to go Half Board, Full Board or All Inclusive. Whatever you decide we do recommend you take some time to get out and try the local food.

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