Diving in Mauritius

Diving in Mauritius

Diving in Mauritius is an amazing experience. There are large areas of natural coral, incredible under water sea life and clear visibility. When you go diving in Mauritius you encounter a world of underwater wonders with multi-coloured fish, ship wrecks dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as some ships that were sunk more recently to created beautiful artificial reefs.  These wrecks play host to an abundance of fish and coral life, offering you the chance to see amazing dive sites and interesting backdrops.

Mauritius is almost completely encircled by a barrier coral reef, which is home to many sponges, sea anemones and a variety fish such as the Damselfis, Trumpet, Boxfish, Lion Fish not forgetting the Clown Fish, as well as the Mauritian Scorpion with its unique orange colour. These wonderfully colourful creatures and decorative vegetation provide a spectacular show for anyone diving in Mauritius.

One of the big advantages of diving in Mauritius, as opposed to the reefs in Seychelles and the Maldives is that the coral reefs here have not been bleached or affected by the warming of the Indian Ocean. Here you can always enjoy your diving, the crystal clear water, the abundance of fish life and colourful coral provide wonderful backdrops for anyone taking underwater pictures.

Diving in Mauritius is safe and interesting, an amazing destination that is suitable for a holiday all through the year. Even so between November and March is generally considered to be the best time for diving here, as at this time of year the warmer sea attracts a multitude of fish and marine life. If you are diving in Mauritius at this particular time you can expect to see some extremely exotic fish, such as the parrot fish, groupers, wrasses, sweetlips, angelfish, sergeant majors, trumpet and clown fish, moray eels, crayfish along with a wide variety of corals, sponges and sea anemones.

If you are diving in Mauritius then you are spoilt for choice. There are a large number of dive sites all around  he island. If you are just beginning then start at the shallow side of the ocean, more experienced divers can head straight for the more adventurous dive sites such as cliffs, caverns, reefs, pinnacles and wrecks.

The large choice of Dive sites, Mauritius offers a great experience for everyone.  Find out about specific dive site in Mauritius and shipwreck diving in Mauritius.

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