Dive Sites in Mauritius

Dive Sites in Mauritius

There are plenty of different and varied dive sites in Mauritius. Discover a variety of diving packages, diving courses and dive safari trips offered in Mauritius. Both beginners and experienced divers can be sure to enjoy various dive sites in Mauritius in these near perfect conditions. There are approx. 30 famous dive sites in Mauritius, all up to a depth of 40 meters:

Dive Sites in Mauritius - Coral garden

Coral Garden Troux aux Biches, 15 to 18 Metres, a coral site with abundant life, consists of large rock structures forming giant steps, popular with underwater photographers. Here it is possible to spot the rare weedy scorpionfish and encounter dolphins and turtles.

Dive Sites in Mauritius - Nudibranchs

Holts Rocks,  Grand Baie, 25 Metres. The dominant landscape feature is the presence of huge basalt rock of volcanic origin, some larger than the average size Mauritian house. Be on the look out for hiding Triggerfish and encounters with giant morays at least two meters long. Nudibranchs of all sizes and colours, squirrelfish, beautiful gorgonian fans can also be seen here.

Dive Sites in Mauritius - Anenome Garden

Anemone Garden is a dive site in Mauritius, Péreybere. 18 to 27 metres. This is a dive for advanced divers. Great for corals and of course anemones and clown fish.

Dive Sites in Mauritius

The Cathedral which is located off the Flic en Flac on the western coast is one of the most well-known and popular dive sites in Mauritius. Depth 18 to 33 metres. The dive narrows along a kind of chute with caves and arches and then opens out into a large cavern illuminated by filtered sunlight. definitely a must do on your holiday to Mauritius.

Grand Bay Aquarium, 14 Metres, a fairly large reef divided by a sand gully to create an avenue through the reef with 2 to 3 metre side walls. This dive site in Mauritius hosts an abundance of fish and  coral life.

Dive sites in Mauritius - Octopus

Merville Patches, Grand Baie, depth 12 to 14 Metres. Very interesting dive site with Moray Eels, Devil Scorpion Fish, Leaf Fish, Octopus, Stone Fish, Blue stripped snapper. This site is a photographers paradise, with very good visibility.

Dive sites in Mauritius - deep diving

Corsair Wall, Grand Baie,  40 to 64 Metres, with big drop offs, typically, visibility is 5 to 10 metres. This dive is for experienced divers with deep diver speciality. You will see rich fauna, soft coral and an old anchor. A very impressive wall.

Underwater photography

Le Château, 14 to 23 Metres, this dive site evolves around corridors with walls covered with coral with pure white sand below. It  resembles a maze you might find in a castle. Here you can admire the jagged corals and meet with turtles. Ideal site for photographs.

Dive Sites in Mauritius - Sweetlips

Old Rock, 10 to 21 Metres,  extremely beautiful with unusual rock formations. On this dive tropical fish will follow you.

Anchor, 12 to 2o Metres, spectacular dive site with 2 sunken anchors, one on the reef and the other on sand. They are surrounded by some fine examples of gigantic brain coral. There are many reefs and sand gullies with virtually all the types of marine life found in Mauritius here.

Dive sites in Mauritius coral reef

Black Forest, Pointe aux Canoniers35 to 50 metres, known for its spectacular green coral and large game fish, you can even spot a dorado. A rocky area provides a base for the most interesting concentration of typical island corals, including green coral bushes up to 2 metres  high and large seafans.  It is one of the most spectacular dive sites for experienced divers.

Dive sites in Mauritius - Hammerhead


Whale Rock, Grand Baie, 30 to 40 Metres, a large dive site with an abundance of marine life such as angel fish, butterfly fish, trigger fish, parrot fish and clown fish. Occasionally you can be lucky and spot some of the larger fish, such as swordfish and hammerheads. One of the most spectacular dives for experienced divers, rocky area provides a base for the most interesting concentration of typical island’s coral. You can see coral bushes up to a metre high and rare black coral.

Dive Sites in Mauritius - Turtles

Turtle Point, Grand Baie, 20 to 24 Metres. A stony underwater spot with single coral levels and massive coral banks. As the name suggests, the attraction here are up to 6 big green turtles (approx. 1.5 m long) inhabiting this area. Leaf fish and giant morays can also be spotted here.

Dive Sites in Mauritius

Confetti Bay, Grand Baie, 5 to 20 Metres, A confetti of tropical fishes with good visibility and secure condition. It has a nice surrounding with Gunner’s Quoin Island. A large variety of fish can be seen here. Suitable for all divers.

Dive Sites in Mauritius - Stingray

The Wall, next to Confetti Bay site. Suitable for new divers and is the best known drop-off dive site in Mauritius. The drop extends some 32 metres down to the sea bed and boasts terrific visibility. Watch for sting rays, tuna and mackerel gliding over the giant Gorgonian sea fans.

Chilli Drop, 12 to 15 metres, off the coast of Grand Baie. This is another good drop-off site for new divers, with a good range of colourful reef fish and corals.

Dive sites in Mauritius - Manta

Flat Island or Gunners Island, a north island off Mauritius. 15to 25 metres, either done as a half or a whole day trip. Dive sites include the majestic Sea fan valley with its huge sea fans, the Carpenter caves, the two caves and last but not least Pyramid with passages of pelagics and the wall cleaning stations

Dive Sites in Mauritius- Reef shark

Pigeon Rock or The Sharks Pit dive site is situated at the south-western side of Flat Island, on the foot of a huge rock. The dive site got its name for its large concentration of sharks. Visibility is almost always very good.

Dive sites in Mauritius - Lobster

3 Caves, Grand Baie, 8 to 32 Metres, impressive caves with beautiful coral. Lobsters can be seen here. Visibility 10 to 30 metres. Fascinating dive site.

Dive sites in Mauritius - Blue Bay

Blue Bay, Trou Aux Biches, depth 8 Metres. Blue Bay is a Marine Park in a nature reserve, with outstanding diving. Blue Bay gets its name from the luminous hues of the crystalline waters. The marine park is blessed with an exceptionally diverse seabed it is famous for the various corals and different species of underwater life.

Caravelle, Grand Baie, Depth 14 to 28 Metres, top of a drop-off, gradually going deeper via big boulders of basaltic rock, where big schools of fusiliers and other reef fish swim, sometimes an eagle ray or a  shark to two.

Dive site in Mauritius - Poison Reef


Poison Reef, Cap Malheureux , 17 to 26 Metres, 2 level coral banks with algae and soft coral growth. The name results from a huge number of stone fish, dragon heads, trigger fish, puffer fish and lion fish.  Also expect to see Moray eels, Leaf fish, Trumpet fish, Box fish, Porcupine fish, Surgeon fish and coral catfish. For advanced divers only.

Dive Sites in Mauritius - Lion Fish

Rempart Serpent, to the west of Flic en Flac, depth 25 Meters.  Its name literally translates to Snake Reef, this incredible dive site in Mauritius is over 100 metres long. With a mesmerising blanket of seaweed that bends and sways in the slow moving waters, it looks like a slow moving snake sliding across the ocean floor.  Home not only to the usual brightly coloured tropical fish, but also to large numbers of stone fish, scorpion fish, lion fish and Moray Eels. Such an cluster of these species is unique in Mauritius.

Dive sites in Mauritius - Stenopus

Stenopus, near Balaclava, 35 to 40 Meters, is a very picturesque dive site containing many interesting features. Dotted with large blocks of rock upon which can be found immense coral formations. Very interesting topography with lots of Sea Fan. Around this coral angel emperors can be found along with butterfly fish and other small marine life. From time to time some of the larger species can be seen passing through such as barracuda and tuna.

Photographs courtesy of David Johnson.




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