Christmas in Mauritius

Christmas in Mauritius

What is it like at Christmas in Mauritius?   Mauritians celebrate Christmas in a lively tropical summery atmosphereunder the hot sun with temperatures from 26 to 32ºC. This does not prevent Santa Claus from calling in with lots of presents for everyone. With its multi-cultural society, the festive season is a big deal on Mauritius, and this is particularly true for families.

Flame tree in bloom at Christmas in Mauritius

At Christmas the awesome flame trees (royal poinciana) are in bloom with their bright red fiery flowers,  The island is lit up like a Christmas tree by the brilliant fiery red flowers on these trees, and all the resorts and shops are decked out as colourfully as any High Street found at home in Britain.

It is peak season for holidays and most of the hotels are fully booked. While many workers are on holidays, many others are not allowed holidays as Christmas in Mauritius, just like in many other countries around the world, remains the most commercially profitable period of the year. Christmas carols are mainly heard on radio and TV and when out shopping, but most Mauritians do not play Christmas carols at home. Christmas Eve is celebrated in many different ways, many will enjoy the time spending time in the unusually crowded and highly animated night life in towns, Catholics would be attending the mass and other families would be having their usual evening, with a typical Mauritian meal of curry and rice. It is becoming popular to let of fireworks at midnight.

Chocolate log cake served at Christmas in Mauritius

The western traditional foods such as turkey or Christmas pudding are slowly beginning to enter in to the Mauritian culture. However, the Franco-Mauritian community is quite westernised in their Christmas food and celebration. While huge turkeys are available in many supermarkets, Christmas puddings are quite rare but Christmas cakes like the Bûche de Noël (Chocolate Log) is in high demand, just like wine, scotch whisky and rum.

Traditionally, Christmas gifts are given mainly to children and young people but these are not put under the Christmas tree but on their beds or by their pillows during the night. Christmas day is a public holiday marked by family get togethers at home or on the beach. Food served will vary depending on religion, culture and taste and are mostly Mauritian.

Fortunately many of the resorts have woken up to the need to make  Christmas packages available to their clients and at Mainly Mauritius we can book your holiday so you have a wonderful Christmas in Mauritius. Contact us today.

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