Cashmere in Mauritius

You can find Cashmere in Mauritius in many of the local shops. The textile industry in very important to Mauritius and the industry is flourishing. They manufacture cashmere in Mauritius at very competitive pricing. Cashmere scarves and woollens are favourite buys for both tourists and locals. Manufactures of cashmere clothing in Mauritius are Bonair, Floreal Knitwear, Shibani and Tara, with Bonair being the largest wool and cashmere maker on Mauritius.  The island offers a range of shopping experiences from shopping centres to duty free shopping and markets. Arsenal is where you should head if you are looking at good quality cashmere clothing. It is one of the few places for shopping in Mauritius, where you will find factory outlets of many well known brands. There is also a large Cashmere shop in Grand Baie.

Cashmere scarves in Mauritius

Many of the brand name clothes you find in Europe have their clothes manufactured in Mauritius, in factories around Curepipe, Floreal and Vacoas and many will have factory shops where you and pick us some quality items at very reasonable prices, including cashmere clothes. There also plenty of copies of these well known brands, advertised as “Genuine Fakes”.

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