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Cafe des Arts Mauritius

Cafe des Arts Mauritius Cafe des Arts Mauritius is an intriguing dining option, a gourmet restaurant inside an old mill, that has been transformed into a charming art gallery. It is in Trou d’Eau Douce, on the central east coast, in the middle of a field, off the beaten track and offers a great atmosphere in which […]

Sagar Shiv Mandir Temple

Sagar Shiv Mandir Temple Sagar Shiv Mandir Temple in Mauritius, was built by the Ghunowa family. It is located on the island of Goyave de Chine, Poste de Flacq, in a small bay with 2 very famous hotels around it. On the left you have the Prince Maurice and on the right, one of the first luxury […]

Mahebourg Mauritius

Mahebourg Mauritius Mahebourg Mauritius (pronounced my-boor) used to be the Island naval port during the Dutch era, nowadays it is a quiet fishing village full of charm. Founded in 1805, Mahebourg was named after French governor Mahé de Labourdonnais. Located on the south eastern coast it is considered the main village of the Grand Port District. It’s a place […]

Blue Penny Museum Mauritius

Blue Penny Museum Mauritius The Blue Penny Museum a museum dedicated to the history and art of Mauritius. It is home to some acclaimed collections, that are a true testimony of the historical and cultural wealth and diversity to be found in Mauritius. Founded by The Mauritius Commercial Bank and built at the Caudan Waterfront in […]

Horse Racing in Mauritius

Horse Racing in Mauritius Horse Racing in Mauritius is very popular and regularly attended by crowds in excess of 20,000. A trip to watch Horse Racing in Mauritius is unquestionably a favourite pastimes for locals. It’s not just an opportunity to gamble but it’s a big social event, where locals can meet up with friends and discuss local […]

Giant Tortoise in Mauritius

Giant Tortoise In Mauritius The Giant Tortoise in Mauritius is in fact the Aldabra Giant Tortoise, from the Seychelles. Unfortunately the native tortoises went the way of the dodo. With man’s arrival on the Island, the tortoises were harvested as a food source and their young were killed by newly introduced animals such as pigs, cats, […]